Shivaangee Agrawal

Shivaangee is a choreographer & researcher, their approach draws upon long-standing training in Bharatanatyam, as well as more experimental practices of movement & performance. Shivaangee’s method is multi-stranded; working across dance, arts & community contexts. The form of Shivaangee’s work is classical in its rhythmic precision, compositionally underscored by rhythmic patterns that are mathematical, complex & unpredictable. Its relational specificity, foregrounding non-elitist movement & space for individual nuance within a collective framework. The work is experimental in its investment in a different form of virtuosity & in its inherent coexistence with sound, projection mapping, & collective composition.

Shivaangee's work has received ACE Project Grant & DYCP funding & has been staged at Blue Elephant Theatre, Southbank Centre, Watermans Theatre, Bloomsbury Festival, Resolution Festival, Dance Umbrella Croydon. Shivaangee led the creation of ReRooted Dance Collective, the first group of classical Indian dancers in the UK to develop a methodology for anti-hierarchical collaboration & relational experimentation within traditional practice.


Orbital Asymmetries

2023- tour ongoing

Shivaangee Agrawal (Lead Artist), Tom Shennan (Visual Artist, Filmmaker, Projection Design) Jane Chan, Takeshi Matsumoto, Meera Patel, Shivaangee Agrawal (Performers) Meera Patel (Rehearsal Director) Alex Anzemberger (Production Manager) Lucia Fortune-Ely, Nancy May Roberts, Elsabet Yonas, Metal & Water (Production)

This show tells the story of four strangers who, over the course of 24 hours, journey together through intimacy, fatigue, play and isolation. They dance through the disorientation that emerges from collective identity, sometimes yielding and sometimes resisting.

This piece is a rich, playful way to explore universal questions – can we build kinship in conflict? How do we retain non-conformity within a community? Is it possible to be both in solidarity and dissent?

Orbital Asymmetries has been developing slowly over the past three years, and is informed by work with communities across Bradford and London.

Shivaangee Agrawal, Orbital Asymmetries, Image

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